LS016 – Scale Drills

This lesson will get you moving around your minor pentatonic and major scales using various sequences of 3 and 4 note groupings. Once you are comfortable playing straight up and down the scales you should try to introduce some more difficult note sequences into your playing. We are still playing box 1 of the scale but are using a build sequence that gets our fingers moving in a non-linear way, much like they will when you start learning your favourite licks and melody lines.

Take it slow and use a metronome!

Key Practice Elements

  • As with all of our playing, take your time. Go slow until the hands and brain start to feel connected then speed up.
  • Use your metronome.
  • Make up other patterns for yourself, try five notes, six notes etc..

Have fun and enjoy.

Download the worksheet here LS016 – Scale Drills