LS008 -Major Scale Boxes 2 to 5

Hi Guys, I hope this lesson finds you well and that you’re getting to grips with your guitar playing.

This lesson is going to expand your knowledge of the major scale all over the guitar neck by introducing you to boxes 2 to 5, you’ve hopefully already mastered box 1 and are using it over the backing tracks on the web site, this lesson is going to show you how to build your scale in other place and get you moving between the scale to develop your sonic palette!

Learning these new boxes is exactly the same as learning box 1, take your time and build up slowly. Hopefully the dexterity in your fret hand has increased now so you wan’t find the mechanics as hard as with box 1, but getting to grips with the fingerings and how they link will still take some time to master fully. But just stick it into your practice session and master these shapes.

Once you’ve got them you will unlock your fretboard, so it’s really worth it.

A pre-requisite for this lesson is that you already know how to play box one of the parent scale, if you’re not comfortable with this then go back and take the lesson by clicking this link (Major scale box 1) and re-visit this lesson when you’re ready.

I’ve said it on many occasions and I’m going to say it again, the guitar neck can be easy to understand! Scale shapes and patterns can be moved around and played off of any note, so if you know the five boxes of the major scale you can ultimately shred the guitar in any key

Give this lesson a go and get to play all over the neck in any key.

Go for it guitarist and enjoy……!

Download the worksheet here LS008 Major Scale Five Positions