Developing your playing together…

HD video lessons that support your playing goals

Giving you the ability to learn in a friendly environment gives you the time you need to grasp important concepts and develop your playing at your own pace
I've been taking lessons with Graham for some time now and I'd recommend anyone thinking of taking Guitar lessons to contact him. Top Bloke who really knows his stuff.
Excellent teacher, patient, knowledgeable and friendly. Great studio and learning environment. Highly recommended.
His passion and knowledge is second to none and always come out happier than the week before
Wow, what a difference. Graham is excellent, and his facilities first class.
I cannot recommend Graham highly enough, if your thinking of taking up the guitar you couldn't be in better hands
I'm so glad I managed to find him or I would probably still be playing the same old things
My son’s progress with Graham has been meteoric. Graham provides and arranges current songs which makes the lessons more accessible for kids today

Graham Parsons Guitar Tuition

Graham Parsons Guitar Tuition provides aspiring guitar players in the south Leicestershire area with tailored lessons that will help you achieve your playing goals.

Whether your a complete beginner looking to start playing or a more experienced player looking to get to the next level Graham can help.

With teaching methods that can be tailored to your needs, you will be able to learn at your own pace in a friendly professional environment.


To complement the guitar tuition Graham runs all of his lessons from his digital recording studio based in south Leicestershire.

THE STUDIO is a Mac based recording facility with professional Presonus audio interfaces, using both Pro Tools 10 and Logic Studio recording software, Graham can support the production of professional quality recording solutions.

THE STUDIO is used during lessons to record student development, this acts as a point of reference throughout the lessons to enable students to review their progress over time.

For more details of our studio facilities visit our web site

Tips and Tricks

Here's a quick lesson to help you get more out of box 1 of the minor pentatonic. Try using this over the jam tracks on this page

Struggling with barre chords, try this neat way to move chord shapes up and down the neck without a barre to get some cool lines going.

Jam Tracks

A Minor Jam Track

Here we have a jam track in G Major for you to create some melody lines over, use your A minor pentatonic

G Major Jam Track

Here we have a jam track in G Major for you to create some melody lines over, use the G major scale or E minor pentatonic

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